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PEL - Project Evaluation Laboratory


The Project Evaluation Laboratory (PEL) was officially founded in 2015 and is included within the structures of the DICIV (Department of Civil Engineering) of the University of Salerno, aiming at developing research and production support activities in industrial and infrastructural project management and evaluation.
It collects the sectoral experiences acquired in the last 25 years in the Area of Appraisal, directed by Prof. Nicola Morano, the first and only one national Emeritus Professor of teaching subject ICAR22-Estimo (Appraisal) as coded by the Ministry of Education, University and Research.
The PEL currently provide scientific advice and operational support and follow-up to projects dealing with evaluation of properties and economic-financial investments, as well as with industrial and infrastructural initiatives of companies and institutional entities. In addition, PEL pure research and modelling projects provide company owners and institutional entities with the appropriate tools to meet their operational needs and requirements.

Info & Contacts: pel@unisa.it

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